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Does Ohip Cover Emergency Dental? You Must Know In 2024

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No, OHIP does not cover emergency dental services. If the dental surgery is performed in a hospital, OHIP might pay for it. Due to their complexity or the fact that you need to be closely monitored for a medical condition, some dental surgeries must be carried out in a hospital.

What Is OHIP?

OHIP or the Ontario Health Insurance Plan is a government-funded health insurance program in the province of Ontario, Canada. It provides coverage for essential medical services to eligible residents.

Under OHIP, emergency dental services are generally not covered. OHIP primarily focuses on medically necessary services, and dental care is considered to fall under the domain of private insurance plans. However, there are some exceptions for emergency dental care in cases where the patient’s overall health is at risk due to a dental emergency.

The scope of OHIP coverage includes a wide range of healthcare services, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and certain diagnostics. It also covers medications for seniors and those with specific medical conditions. However, it’s important to note that not all healthcare services are covered by OHIP, and individuals may need to rely on additional insurance coverage or pay out-of-pocket for certain services.

In summary, while OHIP does not typically cover emergency dental care, it provides coverage for various other medical services that are essential for maintaining overall health and well-being.

Emergency Dental Services Covered By OHIP

Emergency Dental Services Covered By Ohip

Under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), certain emergency dental services are covered. However, it is important to understand the eligibility criteria and limitations for this coverage.

Eligibility criteria for emergency dental coverage List of emergency dental services covered under OHIP Explanation of limitations and conditions for coverage
– Ontario residents with valid OHIP card – Extraction of impacted teeth – Coverage limited to specific age groups
– Proof of low income for adults – Treatment of oral infection – Prior authorization may be required
– Children and youth under 17 years old – Repair of fractured jaw/mouth due to injury – Coverage for emergency services only

It is essential to check with your dentist and OHIP to confirm eligibility and coverage in case of an emergency. OHIP’s coverage for dental services primarily focuses on emergency situations to ensure immediate treatment for patients in need.

Does Ohip Cover Emergency Dental?

Alternatives For Dental Care In Emergencies

In situations when a dental emergency arises, it’s important to know the available alternatives for immediate dental care. While OHIP, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, may not cover emergency dental services, there are other options to consider. One alternative is private dental insurance, which can provide coverage for emergency treatments. It’s recommended to explore various private insurance plans to find suitable coverage.

If private insurance is not an option, there are payment alternatives to consider. Some dental clinics may offer payment plans or accept credit cards or financing options to help manage the cost of emergency dental care. It’s advisable to inquire about payment options with dental providers in emergencies.

Another alternative is visiting community health centers that provide emergency dental care services. These centers are often available for individuals without private insurance and can offer emergency treatments at affordable or reduced rates. Researching and contacting local community health centers is a good step to take in emergencies.

Overview of alternatives for emergency dental care:
Options Description
Private Dental Insurance Explore plans for emergency coverage
Payment Options Inquire about payment plans or financing options
Community Health Centers Contact local centers for affordable emergency care
Does Ohip Cover Emergency Dental?


Frequently Asked Questions For Does Ohip Cover Emergency Dental?

Does Ontario Works Cover Dental Emergencies?

Ontario Works does not typically cover dental emergencies.

What Is No Longer Covered By OHIP?

OHIP no longer covers certain services and treatments. Please consult the official Ontario Health Insurance Plan website for the complete list.

How Much Does Emergency Dental Cost Canada?

The cost of emergency dental care in Canada varies depending on the specific treatment needed. It can range from $100 for minor issues to $1,000 or more for complex procedures like tooth extractions or root canals. It’s best to consult with a dentist for an accurate estimate.

Who Is Eligible For Dental Grants Ontario?

To be eligible for dental grants in Ontario, you must meet specific criteria set by the program.


To summarize, OHIP does not provide coverage for emergency dental services in most cases. Individuals seeking emergency dental care are typically responsible for the costs themselves unless they have private insurance or qualify for certain exemptions. It is important to understand the limitations of OHIP coverage and consider alternative options to ensure timely and affordable dental care during emergencies.

Remember to consult with your dental provider or insurance company to clarify your specific coverage and options. Taking proactive measures to maintain oral health is key to avoiding unplanned dental emergencies.

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