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Does Molina Cover Dental Implants in United States?

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For those seeking a long-term solution to missing teeth, dental implants present a viable option. But the question of whether Molina Healthcare, a prominent provider of health insurance in the United States, offers coverage for dental implants remains a common query among its subscribers. In this in-depth analysis, we’ll uncover the specifics of Molina’s coverage plans, explore alternatives, and guide you on your journey to better oral health.

Understanding Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is a nationwide insurance company that offers managed care services under the Medicaid and Medicare programs and through the state insurance marketplaces. With its commitment to making health care accessible, the company is a lifeline for many seeking comprehensive health coverage.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are sophisticated dental devices designed to replace missing teeth. These components include a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone, a connecting abutment, and a dental crown that serves as the visible replacement tooth. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • The titanium implant, which acts like the root of your tooth, is placed into the jawbone.
  • The abutment is attached to the implant and serves as a base for the new tooth.
  • A custom-made crown is then attached to the abutment, providing the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

Molina Healthcare and Dental Coverage

Molina Healthcare offers various types of health insurance plans, some of which include dental coverage. The extent of this coverage, however, can vary based on the specific plan, the state in which you reside, and whether your plan is through Medicaid, Medicare, or the Marketplace.

Here’s a general overview of Molina’s dental coverage:

Plan Type Basic Coverage Additional Benefits
Medicaid Covers preventative and basic dental services May include expanded benefits in some states
Medicare May offer dental benefits as part of an Advantage plan Typically includes cleanings, x-rays, and dentures
Marketplace Standard plans often exclude adult dental care Dental savings plans may offer discounts on implants

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Does Molina Cover Dental Implants?

As of the writing of this article, Molina’s coverage for dental implants can be described as follows:

  • Medicaid: Dental implant coverage under Medicaid plans is rare and typically not covered by Molina, as Medicaid focuses on essential services.
  • Medicare: Under Molina’s Medicare Advantage plans, it is possible some forms of oral surgery, including dental implant placement, may be covered partially. This usually requires prior authorization and is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Marketplace: Molina’s dental coverage through the state insurance marketplaces usually does not cover dental implants, although this can vary between different plan offerings and states.

The information provided is subject to change and may not be reflective of all Molina plans. It is essential to review your specific insurance policy or speak with a Molina representative for the most accurate and current information.


Alternatives to Consider

If your Molina plan does not cover dental implants, there are alternatives you might consider:

  1. Discount Dental Plans: Enroll in a dental discount plan which can reduce the cost of dental implants significantly.
  2. Financing Options: Many dental offices offer payment plans or financing options to help manage the cost of dental implants.
  3. Secondary Insurance: Consider purchasing a secondary dental insurance plan that provides more extensive coverage for dental implants.
Does Molina Cover Dental Implants in United States?

Frequently Asked Questions For Does Molina Cover Dental Implants In United States?

Is Molina Healthcare Coverage Inclusive Of Dental Implants?

Molina Healthcare’s dental coverage varies by plan and location, with some plans potentially including dental implants.

What Dental Benefits Does Molina Offer?

Molina provides a range of dental benefits which can include exams, cleanings, and restorative services depending on the specific plan.

How To Check If My Molina Plan Covers Implants?

Review your Molina plan details or contact customer service for information on coverage for dental implants.

Can I Upgrade My Molina Plan For Dental Implants?

Plan upgrades may be possible; contact Molina directly to discuss available options for dental implant coverage.



While Molina Healthcare offers a range of health insurance plans, dental implant coverage is not widely available. It is crucial for individuals to review their insurance policy details, discuss with their dental providers, and contact a Molina representative to understand the full extent of their dental coverage opportunities.

If you are a Molina subscriber and would like more information, we recommend getting in touch with Molina Healthcare directly to ask about your specific plan and the options available to you.

Maintaining excellent oral health is a critical component of overall well-being. Whether your path includes dental implants or alternative solutions, make informed decisions that contribute positively to your long-term oral health.

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