Can You Get Ontario Works And Odsp at the Same Time?

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Many residents of Ontario who face financial hardships often wonder if it’s possible to receive support from both Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) at the same time. This detailed guide aims to elucidate the eligibility criteria, application process, and interrelation of both programs.

What is Ontario Works (OW)

What is Ontario Works (OW)?

Ontario Works is a social assistance program designed to provide temporary financial and employment assistance to individuals in immediate need. The goal of OW is to help recipients become self-sufficient through community participation, employment, and financial aid.

What is ODSP

What is ODSP?

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) provides financial aid and employment support for those with recognized disabilities who are in financial need. The support extends to cover essential living expenses and health-related costs.

Eligibility for OW and ODSP

In order to qualify for either program, an individual must meet specific criteria set out by the government of Ontario:

ProgramEligibility Criteria
Ontario Works
  • Residency in Ontario
  • Immediate financial need to cover basic living expenses
  • Commitment to engage in employment activities
Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Residency in Ontario
  • Medical proof of disability
  • Fulfillment of financial eligibility conditions
  • Not receiving financial help through Ontario Works

Note that the last point in the ODSP eligibility criteria mentions that an individual should not be currently receiving financial help through Ontario Works, which leads us into the discussion of concurrent benefits.


Can You Get Ontario Works And Odsp at the Same Time?


Can You Receive Both OW and ODSP Simultaneously?

The short answer is no; you cannot receive financial aid from both Ontario Works and ODSP at the exact same time. Here’s why:

  • OW is temporary: Ontario Works is a program intended for short-term financial relief, while ODSP provides ongoing support.
  • Different goals: OW focuses on helping people find jobs, whereas ODSP supports those who cannot work for medical reasons.
  • Overlapping objectives: Both programs are aimed at covering similar living expenses and necessities, so concurrent funding would overlap.

Transitioning Between Programs

However, individuals can transition from Ontario Works to ODSP if they become eligible. Those who start out on OW due to immediate financial need and are later diagnosed with a disability that qualifies for ODSP can then apply for disability benefits. The application for ODSP may be initiated while receiving Ontario Works assistance, but once ODSP is granted, OW benefits will cease.

During the ODSP application process, OW can still provide financial aid until the ODSP is approved. This system ensures no gap in assistance while you transition from one program to the other.

How to Apply for ODSP While on Ontario Works

If you are currently receiving Ontario Works and believe you might be eligible for ODSP, follow these steps to initiate your ODSP application:

  1. Contact your local Ontario Works office and express interest in applying for ODSP.
  2. Collect all required medical documentation to confirm your disability.
  3. Complete the ODSP application forms provided by your Ontario Works caseworker.
  4. Submit the application and await assessment by the ODSP office.

Your Ontario Works assistance will continue until a decision on your ODSP application is made. Should your application be successful, you will transition smoothly to ODSP, with support from your caseworker.


In summary, while Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program share the common objective of helping Ontarians in need, they cannot be received concurrently. However, there is a designed process for transitioning from OW to ODSP that ensures continuous support for those whose circumstances evolve to meet the eligibility requirements for ODSP.

If you are unsure about your eligibility or how to navigate these social assistance programs, you can seek guidance from a social worker or a representative from your local OW or ODSP office.

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